AI is a Wave to the Future


Visual Inspection

The rise of industrial autonomy

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Acoustic Monitoring

Also, Eclipse Ventures has started the Industrial Evolution podcast.

Assembly Line

If AI Is So Awesome, Why Aren’t You Using It?

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✍️ Author: Jeff Winter

🔖 Topics: AI

🏢 Organizations: Grantek

With all these universal applications and clearly understood benefits, the writing appears to be on the wall: AI is the wave of the future, and if you are not using or planning on using AI soon, you will be history! Software, platforms, and technologies are already out there, yet adoption appears to be slow. Financial justification and benefits analysis seem to be no-brainers, yet no one is out rushing to make improvements. Why is that?

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How to integrate AI into engineering

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✍️ Author: Jos Martin

🔖 Topics: machine learning

🏢 Organizations: MathWorks

Most of the focus on AI is all about the AI model, which drives engineers to quickly dive into the modelling aspect of AI. After a few starter projects, engineers learn that AI is not just modelling, but rather a complete set of steps that includes data preparation, modelling, simulation and test, and deployment

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Mapped raises $6.5M to build API for the ‘digital twin of data infrastructure’

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✍️ Author: @glawton

🔖 Topics: digital twin

🏢 Organizations: Mapped

Mapped simplifies access to physical building assets through a standard vocabulary, while supporting a secured API perimeter. The company already provides access to 30,000 different types of equipment. This investment will help it expand to support more equipment types and integrations and grow its go-to-market efforts.

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