Exponential Industry Index

What is the Exponential Industry Index?

The Exponential Industry Index is an interactive visual of the organizations shaping the future of industrial technology. It is composed of two sub indices: one focused on the companies that are building the technology and supply it to industry, while the other contains original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that consume the technology to produce their good or service. The size of each block is scaled based on the relative buzz generated by the organization over the last 18 months. Organization buzz is determined by the number of high quality videos, podcasts, articles aggregated within the weekly Exponential Industry newsletter. An organization must have at least two mentions to be included within the Index. Each block has a clickable link to each organization profile with archives of the media contributing to their rank.

Supplier Index

The technology suppliers are broken down into buckets along the core technology areas of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0. This sub-index includes a mix of firms engaged in applied software, hardware, and basic research. Within software, firms primarily develop operational technology, engineering tools, and data and analytics. In the physical world, machinery such as industrial robots and 3D printers are hot along with sensor systems to monitor machine health and performance. Lastly, academic and other consultancy groups supply intellectual capital that shape the direction of industry.

OEM/Consumer Index

The technology consumer subindex is segmented by industry vertical. The companies shown can be thought of as early adopters that implement emerging technology within their operations and products. They provide validation of technology adoption and viability. Additionally, these companies often design and develop their own technology in-house and license it to others.