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Assembly Line

Accenture to Acquire Eclipse Automation to Help Clients Build Factories of the Future


Organizations: Accenture

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has agreed to acquire Eclipse Automation, a provider of customized manufacturing automation and robotics solutions headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The acquisition will allow Accenture to offer automated production lines that leverage the cloud, data and artificial intelligence (AI), making factories and plants smarter and thus, more productive, sustainable and safe. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Eclipse Automation creates automated manufacturing systems to produce sophisticated products for life sciences, industrial equipment, automotive, energy and consumer goods companies. Its technologists and engineers design, build, integrate and service advanced automation solutions for producing components and devices such as electric vehicle batteries and wearable blood-glucose monitors. Eclipse Automation’s solutions include automation control systems, production machines and robots, with critical customized tooling manufactured in-house.

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Accenture x Cosmo Tech: Demo Real-time & optimized decision making

Semiconductor growth through as-a-service models


Topics: XaaS

Vertical: Semiconductor

Organizations: Accenture

This report examines As-a-Service (AaS) as an increasingly relevant competitive growth model for the semiconductor industry. Originally successful in the software realm, AaS business models are poised to help semiconductor companies fuel growth, boost revenue, innovate faster, and deepen relationships with customers. When planned and implemented correctly, AaS can substantially increase shareholder value and improve predictability of revenue. However, if executed poorly, it can negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

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How the USPS Is Finding Lost Packages More Quickly Using AI Technology from Nvidia


Author: Todd R. Weiss

Topics: AI, machine vision

Organizations: USPS, NVIDIA, Accenture

In one of its latest technology innovations, the USPS got AI help from Nvidia to fix a problem that has long confounded existing processes – how to better track packages that get lost within the USPS system so they can be found in hours instead of in several days. In the past, it took eight to 10 people several days to locate and recover lost packages within USPS facilities. Now it is done by one or two people in a couple hours using AI.

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