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🔋 How Smart 3D Electrodes Will Power Next-Gen Batteries

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✍️ Author: Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

🏢 Organizations: Addionics

Addionics has developed a novel manufacturing process named smart 3D electrodes, which improves rechargeable batteries’ performance by redesigning their architecture. According to the company, the new technology enables higher capacity and safety, lower charging time and cost, and a longer lifetime. The company’s 3D fabrication process differs from currently used architectures in how the battery’s collector is made. Today, most collectors are made with 2D metal foils — a technology that has remained unchanged in the last 30 years.

“While everyone is using conventional 2D 100% dense metal foils, at Addionics, we are replacing this component with a 3D metal structure that can load more active materials, increase the energy density, reduce the internal resistance, and provide better mechanical adhesion and thermal stability,” said Moshiel Biton, CEO of Addionics in an interview with EE Times.

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