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Cognite and Equinor Enter Robotics Collaboration To Accelerate Autonomous Industry

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🏢 Organizations: Cognite, Equinor, Adigo, Createc

Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, announced a joint robotics project with Equinor, an international energy company, to improve Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) initiatives at the company’s onshore facility Mongstad, outside of Bergen, Norway.

Developed in conjunction with Adigo and Createc, the project establishes robust routines, systems, and standards governing the utilization of robots within onshore facilities. To enhance safety in hazardous environments, the project will employ a combination of robots, IP cameras, and IoT sensors for remote inspections throughout Mongstad.

Adigo recently launched the new generation of the versatile robot platform VÅK, capable of handling heavy payloads (30kg) and long working hours (8h) before autodocking for charging. VÅK will be used for autonomous transport of water samples from several points in the water treatment plant, operating 24/7. At each sampling point, Adigo installed a system to deliver fluid samples to the robot. Adigo VÅK will drastically reduce the need and presence of personnel in hazardous areas.

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