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At AeroFarms, we grow the best tasting microgreens through our innovative indoor farms and aeroponic technology. Our team of plant scientists, nutritionists, and culinary experts select the most flavorful varietals of microgreens and perfect them in our award-winning sustainable vertical farms to bring you. Our FlavorSpectrum™ of microgreens was designed to represent the breadth of flavors and varieties grown inside our indoor vertical farms. We paired each color with a specific tasting note to bring our FlavorSpectrum™ philosophy to life. Across our leafy greens packaging line, you’ll find that the cool blue colors represent the sweet and mellow notes, while the intense reds represent bold and zesty flavors. We invite you to take our FlavorSpectrum™ journey and taste our difference. As a Certified B Corporation, AeroFarms uses the latest breakthroughs in indoor vertical farming, artificial intelligence and plant biology to fix our broken food system and improve the way fresh produce is grown and distributed locally and globally. We have built a proprietary agriculture platform to grow a wide array of products, delivering superior flavor, better quality and improved nutrition with the most sophisticated levels of traceability and food safety in our industry. The unique way we grow indoors creates the perfect conditions for healthy plants to thrive, allowing us to deliver the highest quality produce to our customers all year round, while using up to 95% less water, 99% less land, 390X more productivity and zero pesticides compared to traditional field farming.

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Using Industrial Automation to Monitor Vertical Farms

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✍️ Author: Qusi Alqarqaz

🔖 Topics: Manufacturing Analytics

🏢 Organizations: Nokia, AeroFarms

The adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms now allow analysis of vast amounts of data collected from sensors to enable predictive analytics. Farmers can make more informed decisions about managing crops, optimizing resource usage, and predicting yields.

AeroFarms and Nokia discussed how to build a system to monitor a vertical farm where leafy greens including arugula, bok choy, and kale are grown. A typical facility can produce more than 1 million kilograms of leafy greens annually. A 13,000-square-meter facility such as the AeroFarms one in Danville is so large that workers can’t physically check all the plants. “Because the growth cycle in indoor farming is much shorter than outdoor farming, it is very important to know what’s going on at all times and not to miss anything,” Klein says. “If you fail to detect something, you will miss a huge opportunity. You might be at the end of your growth cycle, and you can’t take corrective measures in terms of the production yield, or the quality or quantity of produce.”

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AeroFarms Emerges Fully Funded From Chapter 11

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🔖 Topics: Funding Event

🏢 Organizations: AeroFarms, Doha Venture Capital

AeroFarms, Inc. (“AeroFarms” or the “Company”), a Certified B Corporation and market leader for indoor vertical farming and microgreens, today announced the successful completion of its restructuring process and exit of its business from Chapter 11 (Case No. 23-10737). AeroFarms’ emergence from Chapter 11 includes the approval from the bankruptcy court for its Asset Purchase Agreement (“APA”) with a group of existing investors, led by Grosvenor Food & AgTech (GFA), including an expanded relationship with Doha Venture Capital.

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AeroFarms Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, CEO Steps Down

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🔖 Topics: Bankruptcy

🏢 Organizations: AeroFarms

AeroFarms®, a global pioneer in the indoor vertical farming sector, has voluntarily filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The petition was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware following the Company’s board deliberations. Alongside the petition, AeroFarms has submitted several ‘first-day’ motions seeking standard relief to transition into Chapter 11 with minimal disruptions to its core business operations.

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The industrial metaverse: A game-changer for operational technology

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🔖 Topics: Metaverse, 5G

🏢 Organizations: Nokia, AeroFarms

By combining its AI-based autonomous drone-control solution and advanced machine-learning capabilities with machine vision tools, Nokia Bell Labs has created a technology that can track the growth of millions of plants. “We have developed a completely autonomous drone solution with multiple drones flying through this farm,” says Klein. That allows the farm to monitor details such as the height and color of its plants, spot poor growth areas, and predict the production yield.

“We actually built a complete digital twin of the farm that gives the growers a real-time picture of the entire production throughout the farm,” says Klein. With data analysis, the farm can optimize its water, energy, and nutrient consumption; speed up troubleshooting; improve accuracy in yield forecast; and maintain a consistently high quality.

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