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Primary Location Riga, Latvia

Financial Status VC; Lightrock, Haniel

Aerones is the world  leading robot-enabled wind turbine maintenance and inspections service provider. Leveraging patented robotics technology, Aerones service teams deliver faster, safer and more effective services for wind operators worldwide. The innovations that we deliver to the wind industry promote intelligent predictive maintenance of wind turbine blades and towers, helping to maximise efficiency of wind assets and lower operating costs. We serve customers that represent over 50 percent of the world’s wind power capacity, including leading operators such as NextEra, GE, Vestas, Enel and Siemens Gamesa.

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Aerones receives Grant from EU's Innovation Fund

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The company specializes in robot-enabled turbine inspection and maintenance services, and plans to use the Innovation Fund grant of €4,416,000 to produce and deploy world’s first wind turbine blade leading edge repair robot sets. Total budget of the project is €7,360,000. Using unique patented robotic technology, crucial tasks are performed 3x – 6x faster, with up to 10x less idle stay days than using conventional methods.

Leading edge erosion is among the most common turbine blade issues. As wind turbines become larger, blade rotation speed at the tip of the blade can exceed 360 km/h. At these speeds, even rain can cause the erosion of the leading edge, and reduce the turbine’s efficiency. Even a small amount of erosion can result in a significant reduction of annual energy production.

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Aerones raises $30M to scale its robot-enabled services and drive efficiencies in the $30B wind turbine maintenance market

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Aerones, the Latvia-based world leader in robot-enabled wind turbine maintenance and inspection, is pleased to announce that it has secured $30 million in growth capital to scale its business globally. The capital will be used to help the Company meet surging demand in a market which is expected to reach $50 billion in value by 2028. The funding round was co-led by Lightrock, the global growth equity investor, and Haniel, the European family-owned purpose-driven investor. Further participation in the round, for the YCombinator-backed company, came from new investor Blume Equity, a climate-focused growth equity investor, and existing investors: Change Ventures, Mantas Mikuckas, Metaplanet, Pace Ventures and Future Positive Capital.

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Scrubbing wind turbines with robots nets Aerones $39M

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Aerones, a robotics startup that scrubs and inspects wind turbines so humans don’t have to, secured $38.9 million in fresh funding this month from dozens of undisclosed investors, TechCrunch has learned.

Wind turbines produce clean energy, but their towers tend to leak oil, which can corrode blades, increase wind resistance and pollute the ground below. Aerones’ remote-operated robots clean towers and blades by blasting them with a liquid detergent, while funnels beneath the blades collect the mucked-up liquid for reuse. The robots also inspect turbine systems with cameras and ultrasound scanners.

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Aerones raises $9 million in seed funding

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Aerones is excited to share an important milestone in its history. We have raised $9 million in seed funding to further accelerate global scaling of robotic wind turbine maintenance and inspection.

The round was led by Future Positive Capital, alongside existing investor Change Ventures. Other investors include Skype founder Jaan Tallinn (through his vehicle Metaplanet), Vinted co-founder Mantas Mikuckas, Printify CEO James Berdigans, Capitalia, Pace Ventures, and EcoSummit.

With its suite of proprietary robots, Aerones inspects and maintains turbines up to six times faster and up to 40% more cost efficiently than humans.

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