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Sereact Raises $5 Million to Democratize AI Robotics

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Sereact is building AI-powered software that fully automates the pick-and-pack process in warehouses and manufacturing. Pick-and-pack contributes approximately 55% of the cost of running a warehouse, at a time when operators are facing the twin pressures of rising labor costs and growing demand driven by e-commerce. However, businesses looking to automate pick-and-pack have historically had to work with inflexible systems, with long training periods, that struggle with changing product ranges and require significant human oversight. Sereact’s solution can be deployed within a single day and result in immediate cost-savings of up to 77% per pick.

Sereact’s latest offering, PickGPT, combines their patented work in computer vision with large language models, the technology underpinning ChatGPT. PickGPT is the first commercially-available robotics transformer that enables robots to understand natural language and perceive their environment with an unprecedented level of intelligence and accuracy. This democratizes access to robotics by allowing users with no technical expertise to instruct and debug the system in a simple chatbot interface.

With the combination of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, Sereact has brought to life a new era of intelligence, precision, and efficiency in logistics. Since its founding in 2021, the company achieved technological milestones such as industry-leading picking speeds of 1500 picks per hour, collision-free picking with any gripper, and fully autonomous object manipulation. Today, Sereact is trusted by partners across the e-commerce, manufacturing, and third-party logistics sectors, serving industry leaders like ZenFulfillment, Daimler Truck, Material Bank, and Schmalz.

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