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Which machines can I monitor with predictive maintenance?

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✍️ Author: Malina Müller

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🏢 Organizations: AiSight

Monitoring rotating equipment is the best way to provide advanced warning of machine faults. Rotating equipment is nearly ubiquitous in today’s production facilities, appearing in critical machines like pumps, extractors, compressors, ventilators, and mixers. Most machines are powered by electric motors—themselves rotating equipment. These may transmit power directly, or through belt drives or gearboxes—more rotating equipment. From there, we often find even more rotating equipment, such as fans or impellers.

Moving parts will all, eventually, break. AiSight’s predictive maintenance solution monitors the indicators of breakdowns. Early intervention is best—our analysis of faults finds that 71% of machine fault alerts are caused by relatively minor issues such as dirt accumulation, looseness, and inadequate lubrication. These are simple issues to fix, but cause serious damage when not detected early. And these are only the beginning of what we monitor; our predictive maintenance solution identifies imbalances, misalignments, looseness, bearing defects, friction, gearbox problems, belt drive problems, cavitation, and impacts. How our solution detects and identifies problems depends on the machine.

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