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Introducing 'Factory View' a virtual look inside Aisin factories

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🔖 Topics: Digital Twin

🏢 Organizations: Aisin, NavVis

Factory View is a tool that uses images and point cloud data to recreate a factory in virtual space, allowing users to virtually see the inside of the factory, very similar to the benefit Google Street View provides. By accessing the portal site from a computer, users can freely move around factories in Japan and overseas, and view desired locations and equipment in nearly all directions from anywhere at any time.

The measurement device used is manufactured by NavVis, a German company, and enables quick and efficient data acquisition. A worker wearing the device can acquire images and point cloud data simultaneously by walking around in a factory.

The use of Factory View may be expanded and used in overseas plants and group companies, where significant cost and time saving benefits can be expected. The system can also be used as a Business Continuity Plan measure in instances such as damage caused by large-scale earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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