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Dover Chemical Corporation Leverages Arkestro to Streamline Procurement, Increase Cost Efficiency

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🏢 Organizations: Dover Chemical, Akestro

Arkestro, the leading Predictive Procurement Orchestration (PPO) platform, today announced that chemical additive company Dover Chemical Corporation is leveraging the Arkestro platform to streamline their procurement processes and drive cost savings. By using Arkestro to tackle mundane, manual tasks like data entry, Dover Chemicals has opened up time for their procurement team to focus on higher-priority tasks such as improving supplier relationships.

Dover Chemical’s first bid using Arkestro in 2020 yielded savings of $10,000, prompting them to explore further use cases within the platform. To date, they have completed over 1,000 projects with Arkestro – an average of nearly two events per day – now with 95 percent of their MRO spend flowing through the system. Procurement savings have continued to grow at an average rate of 10 percent year after year.

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