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Shipbuilders Forge Ahead

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✍️ Author: Del Williams

🔖 Topics: Open Die Forging

🏭 Vertical: Ship and Boat

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For shipbuilders, obtaining large heads and seamless rolled rings in a timely manner remains a significant challenge, however. Currently, it may take many months to receive the forged components after placing an order. This delay can have a severe impact on the production and maintenance schedules of firms that depend on replacement parts.

Fortunately, shipbuilders can rely on industry-leading forging specialists capable of producing large, custom, seamless rolled rings and contoured seamless rolled rings with the required surface finish in under two months. One example, All Metals & Forge Group, an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D manufacturer of custom and standard open die forged parts and seamless rolled rings can cost-effectively deliver these components with the required finish within 8-10 weeks.

According to Lewis Weiss, President of All Metals & Forge Group, open die forging is ideal for providing large, custom parts. “We can produce seamless rolled rings or contoured rolled rings up to 200 inches in outside diameter and custom forgings up to 40 feet long or 80,000 lbs.,” said Weiss. “We can also produce forgings for drive and tending ends in diameters that cover the sizes needed in the shipbuilding industry.”

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