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Financial Status VC-A; Wipro, Lumis Partners, InFuse Ventures, Persistent Venture Fund

Altizon, a global industrial IoT company, powers digital revolutions by helping enterprises leverage machine data to drive business decisions. Altizon’s Datonis Digital Factory provides a suite of readymade applications that digitize critical aspects of your manufacturing operations. It helps you quickly modernize connected factory operations, asset performance and launch new offerings: all from a single platform.

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Advantech and Altizon Partnership Accelerates Industry 4.0 Transformation for Sustainable, Efficient Digital Factory Operations

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Advantech, a leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and automation technology, and Altizon, a global software provider of Industrial IoT platform, Datonis Digital Factory, are proud to announce the launch of their joint solution designed for ease of transformation to a smart factory.

The solution bundle includes specially selected Advantech edge hardware and Altizon’s Datonis Digital Factory platform, pre-validated and pre-installed to ensure smooth deployment. Altizon’s platform provides a ready-made suite of applications that digitize critical operational functions, such as production, maintenance, quality, energy and sustainability.

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