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Primary Location Berkeley, California, United States

Financial Status VC-A; Tiger Global, Bow Capital, Ahren, Pitney Bowes

Our team brings a wealth of experience, from top UC Berkeley researchers to Fortune 50 business leaders. Together, we are ambidextrous, and we make intelligent tech for tough, everyday problems. At Ambi Robotics, the work we do goes beyond building good tech. For us, it’s about creating tools for people to solve real-world problems.We’re here to solve the supply chain’s most complex problems, helping people handle more than ever before with the help of AI robotics.

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The pitch deck that landed Ambi Robotics $32 million

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Sortation operations run the gambit in terms of automation, from manual processes in small warehouses to high-tech operations in vast buildings using fast-moving conveyor belts. Ambi’s solution is somewhere in between. It doesn’t require the labor of a manual operation, but it’s also a lighter lift in terms of installation than filling a building with conveyors.

Here’s the 15-page deck that helped Ambi Robotics soup up its ability to get robots in warehouses for this holiday shipping season.

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Ambi Robotics Raises $32 Million for New Kind of Warehouse Robot

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The Ambisort can plow through about 400 parcels per hour; humans do the same work at about one-third the pace and usually make more mistakes. Ambi Robotics, the company that developed the system and the accompanying machine-learning algorithms that allow the robot to recognize each parcel and select the right way to grasp it, has deployed 80 of these systems and plans to surpass 100 in the field next year. On Monday, Ambi is announcing that it raised $32 million from Tiger Global, Bow Capital and the UK’s Ahren Innovation Capital. Pitney Bowes, the postage meter maker turned e-commerce logistics firm with 55 warehouses around the country, is another investor in the round as well as a customer.

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Sim2Real AI Helps Robots Think Outside The Box

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At Ambi Robotics, our robotic systems learn how to handle diverse items using data generated by advanced simulation. We fine-tune our simulations to the performance of our sensors, our robots, and variations on the items our robots will handle. Our simulations run extremely fast, hundreds of times faster than robots training in the physical world, so we can train our robots overnight. This is what enables our solutions to work reliably from day one.

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