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Safeguarding CNC Machines in Networked IT/OT Environments

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✍️ Author: Danny Weller

🔖 Topics: Cybersecurity, IT OT Convergence, CNC Machining

🏢 Organizations: AMFG

In a networked IT/OT environment, threats can infiltrate CNC machines even without direct access from an attacker. IT users engaging with vulnerable websites or falling victim to phishing emails can introduce threats into the corporate network, ultimately spreading to the OT side and affecting individual machines.

To safeguard CNC machines in networked IT/OT environments, several immediate steps can be implemented. Firstly, conducting a comprehensive inventory of all CNC tools is essential to maintain a clear and up-to-date understanding of the network’s composition. Segregating the CNC machine network into its own segment is advisable, allowing for more straightforward monitoring of traffic flows, with the ability to cut off access if necessary. Additionally, deploying intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and firewalls adds an extra layer of protection to enhance overall security.

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Dyndrite Partners with AMFG to Streamline Production with Automated Nesting.

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🏢 Organizations: Dyndrite, AMFG

Dyndrite is partnering with AMFG to leverage our award-winning automated workflow software to enable the automated 3D nesting of CAD files, streamlining their pre-production process. Commenting on the successful integration of the project, Sven Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting, AMFG, stated; “As a leading automation solution, we recognize the transformative power of Dyndrite’s automated nesting and build preparation capabilities for additive manufacturing. The efficiency gains brought about by Dyndrite’s cutting-edge technology have revolutionized our workflow, allowing our customers to optimize material usage, reduce production time, and ultimately deliver superior results to our clients. Dyndrite’s commitment to advancing the additive manufacturing landscape aligns seamlessly with our goal of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Together, we’re shaping the future of manufacturing by harnessing the full potential of automation in the additive process.”

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AMFG Receives $8.5 Million in Funding Led by Intel Capital to Drive the Future of Fully Autonomous Manufacturing

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🏢 Organizations: AMFG, Intel, HP

AMFG Corp., a rapidly growing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & workflow automation software for 3D printing, has secured $8.5M in funding led by Intel Capital to further catapult their spot in the new age of industrial transformation. As part of the most recent fundraise, Intel Capital investor Jennifer Ard is joining AMFG’s board of directors. With this new funding, AMFG will continue to help companies scale their additive manufacturing processes, further solidifying AMFG’s position at the forefront of the autonomous manufacturing revolution.

This financing round comes on the heels of a year of accomplishments for AMFG. These include expanding into the U.S by establishing a global headquarters in Austin, Texas, which places the company in direct contact with the region’s dramatically shifting manufacturing scene, and making strategic hires to the growing AMFG team. With this funding, AMFG will advance its vision to pioneer a path into the future of autonomous manufacturing.

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