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Amplified Industries Emerges From Stealth With $10 Million in Funding and a Mission To Bring New Digital Technologies to Heavy Industries

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Amplified Industries (formerly Acoustic Wells), a pioneering industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution, today announced its official launch from stealth with an in-market solution and $10 million in funding.

Amplified Industries is transforming the field, replacing aging and labor-intensive tools with an affordable and comprehensive automation solution that enables operators to monitor and control equipment remotely through a smartphone or desktop. Developed with simplicity and usability at its core, the solution ensures complete visibility into operations, ultimately creating a smarter and cleaner oil field.

The solution is proven in the market with over 4,000 devices deployed across six US states, with results improving overall profitability by more than 15 percent while eliminating hundreds of thousands of gallons of spills and maximizing asset life. The full-field automation and monitoring system provides data detecting mechanical issues and leak prevention, including an automatic emergency shut-off for pump failures.

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