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Grinding Simulation Enables Growth in Custom Tooling

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✍️ Author: Evan Doran

πŸ”– Topics: Machine Tool, Simulation

🏒 Organizations: Gorilla Mill, ANCA

Even the best grinding simulation has flaws β€” namely, a reliance on perfection. Real-world scenarios on the shop floor can diverge from the tested parameters, requiring adjustments to achieve the performance promised in the simulation. Gorilla Mill, a toolmaker based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, relies on ANCA’s CIMulator3D software to control for these differing parameters.

By providing a virtual testing ground for complex custom designs, the software ensures tool quality, prevents scrap and streamlines the process of developing customer prints. A machine-side simulator application reduces setup time by highlighting how differences between ideal and actual circumstances will affect the ground part and by enabling machinists to adjust settings to achieve optimal results rather than regrind wheels.

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