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ANYbotics is the leading provider of autonomous robotic solutions to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of industrial work.

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ANYbotics and YCL Technology Announce Partnership in Taiwan

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: ANYbotics, YCL Technology

ANYbotics and YCL Technology are joining forces in Taiwan to transform industrial inspection. This partnership capitalizes on YCL’s local knowledge and industry relationships, allowing ANYbotics to meet the unique needs of Taiwanese industrial facilities. By integrating ANYbotics’ advanced robotic inspection solutions, the collaboration enhances safety, predictive maintenance, and production optimization. YCL Technology’s expertise in solution integration further ensures successful robot deployment and integration, marking a transformative shift in automating local industrial inspection.

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Cognite and ANYbotics Driving Innovation Within AI Robotics And Safe Operations

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Cognite, ANYbotics

Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, and ANYbotics, a globally leading robotics company specializing in the development of advanced four-legged robots for industrial inspection, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where they will enter a non-exclusive collaboration aimed at delivering cutting-edge products and services to global customers. The parties seek to leverage the unique strengths of both companies to offer customers an integrated robotics inspection solution, enabling unmanned operations by providing real-time autonomous data collection in industries such as Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Chemicals, and Metals.

ANYbotics’ autonomous robotic inspection, driven by an automated end-to-end workflow, and Cognite’s specialized industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, complement each other seamlessly and will fuel AI robotics innovation and deployment across current and prospective customers to improve the safety of operations and reduce operational expenditures.

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ANYmal Closes the Remote Inspection Loop with Aker BP and Cognite

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🔖 Topics: Visual Inspection

🏢 Organizations: ANYbotics, Aker BP, Cognite

Aker BP, Cognite, and ANYbotics partner in pioneering offshore remote inspections with ANYmal X on the Valhall platform in the North Sea. ANYmal X, the only Ex-certified legged robot, was tested for integrated robotic inspections in offshore Ex-rated zones, showcasing the benefits of Cognite’s real-time digital twins and comprehensive AI-powered data platform. This is a significant step in Aker BP’s aim to implement remote inspections as an enabler for unmanned operation of complex offshore processing platforms by 2027-2029.

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🛣️ America’s Bridges, Factories and Highways Are in Dire Need of Repairs. Bring in the Robots.

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✍️ Author: Christopher Mims

🔖 Topics: Condition-Based Maintenance, Corrosion, Machine Vision

🏢 Organizations: Gecko Robotics, Shell, Skydio, VideoRay, Anybotics, Invert Robotics, Greensea

These days, Shell is able to keep the plant running, and keep repair personnel on the ground and at a safe distance as they operate wall-climbing robots that inspect things like steel holding tanks at millimeter resolution, says Steven Treviño, a robotics engineer at Shell. Using a variety of sensors, the robots can look for both corrosion and cracking. This helps the team shorten the list of things they have to take care of when a full shutdown occurs. The magnetic wall climbers Shell is using are made by a Pittsburgh-based startup called, appropriately, Gecko Robotics. After testing the Gecko robots at Geismar, Shell plans to expand their use to offshore facilities.

“There are hundreds of types of corrosion,” says Jake Loosararian, CEO of Gecko Robotics, “and we’ve been developing technology and software to analyze what kind of damage is happening.” Gecko began as a robotics company, but has since expanded into creating software to process the data its robots gather. The startup makes systems that are now used to track more than 60,000 assets across the globe, including power plants, pipelines, oil refineries, dams, U.S. Navy vessels and other military equipment.

When it comes to inspections, “often the data you need is literally in plain sight, it’s just hard to collect it,” says Bry, of Skydio.

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ANYbotics Secures $50M Series B Funding to Revolutionize Industrial Inspection with its Four-Legged Robotic Workforce

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🔖 Topics: Funding Event

🏢 Organizations: ANYbotics, Walden Catalyst, NGP Capital

ANYbotics, a Swiss robotics pioneer, today announced a $50 million Series B funding round led by international deep tech investors Walden Catalyst and NGP Capital with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, Aramco Ventures, Swisscom Ventures, Swisscanto Private Equity, and other existing investors. The funds will be used to scale deployments internationally, fuel the development of new capabilities, and solidify ANYbotics’ leading competitive position in robotic inspection solutions.

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