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Apera AI can give your robots human-like speed, sight and perception. It’s now possible to make your bin picking, packaging and assembly workcells fast, reliable and precise.

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Vision retrofits are the quick automation wins you should do now

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A vision retrofit is to install the latest AI-powered vision technologies to optimize the performance of a robotic cell. These technologies can significantly improve productivity by allowing robots to operate faster in a wider range of operating conditions and account for randomness intelligently. By upgrading existing 3D camera or fixtured setups with this AI-powered solution, companies can improve their operations and gain a competitive edge.

With AI-powered vision you only need to add an extrusion above the cell for 2D cameras (or just remove the existing 3D camera). With a focused investment under $50K, a few hours of downtime and a project time under six weeks, you could have a cell performing faster and more reliably.

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