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How Design Engineers Can Quantify Additive Manufacturing


Author: Mark Rushton

Organizations: aPriori Technologies

As a design engineer, you can play an integral role in quantifying the value of capital investments in additive manufacturing. You can utilize your technical expertise and innovative spirit to facilitate a seamless transition to this technology. Best of all, you can be a significant factor in improving profitability for your enterprise.

For those enterprises seeking related capital investments, employing a simple cost per part estimate does not illustrate the full investment picture. This is where you come in. You can provide valuable insights that underscore the value of additive manufacturing and quantify the ask with upper management.

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aPriori Raises $30 Million Series D Investment to Further Capitalize on Strong Demand for Digital Manufacturing Solutions


Topics: funding event

Organizations: aPriori Technologies

aPriori Technologies, the leading provider of digital manufacturing software featuring design for manufacturability (DFM) and cost (DTC) solutions, announces today that the company has recently completed a Series D investment round of $30 million. Co-led by Bruce Clarke of PBJ Capital and Gaurav Tewari of Omega Venture Partners, the investment brings the valuation for the company to $280 million.

“Cost Insight Design and Cost Insight Generate are just the first in a series of collaborative cloud-based applications that we are bringing to market. This new investment will be used to hire additional staff to further accelerate the development of this suite of role-based cloud applications for engineering, sourcing, and supplier teams,” said Stephanie Feraday, aPriori President and Chief Executive Officer. “The investment will also help to expand the company’s sales and marketing organizations to enable broader penetration of the global manufacturing market, their supply chains, and government organizations such as the Department of Defense.”

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