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Why is machine data special and what can you do with it?

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Production data can unlock opportunities for electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers to improve operations. Evolving systems for collection and analysis of machine data is vital to those efforts. Though factories produce many different types of usable data, machine data is special because it can be collected without operational burden, creating actionable production insights in real time and automating responses to them.

As more manufacturers develop and deploy machine data collection systems, industry best practices are surfacing, and systems often adopt similar structures in response to common needs in the factory. Most architectures include these key features:

  • There is usually some type of streaming event broker (often called a pub/sub architecture) that receives complex files and reports from production equipment to enable advanced analytics, holistic dashboards and visualization, automated action management, and system monitoring.
  • Systems should be able to integrate data from both advanced machines and legacy equipment, such as PLCs.
  • They use specialized databases and data lakes for storage.
  • Dedicated telemetry and monitoring are deployed to ensure data quality.

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Arch Systems secures $15M in new funding led by Two Bear Capital

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Archยฎ Systems today announced $15M in new funding led by Two Bear Capital and joined by new and existing investors including seed lead investor Uncork Capital.

Arch, founded by Stanford engineering PhDs, provides leading electronics and discrete manufacturers with an advanced analytics platform for factory-wide and multi-factory operations. On the manufacturing floor, the technology provides best-in-class operational guidance to improve productivity, quality, and maintenance. Across multiple factories, Arch automates global KPI alignment and delivers enterprises tools to drive data-driven action management both at in-house and contracted factories to maximize overall manufacturing performance.

About the new financing, the Arch CEO said, โ€œThis new funding will accelerate our go-to-market motion both in our core area, electronics manufacturing, and in the adjacent area of high-tech manufacturing including defense and medical manufacturing. Two Bear Capital brings incredible expertise and insight into company building in the deep tech and networking space as well as our domain manufacturing markets. This is a rare and exceptional combination of expertise. We are excited to be partnering with them on this next phase.โ€

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