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What will we do with an additional $22M?

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🏢 Organizations: Arduino, CDP Venture Capital, Anzu Partners, Arm

We are happy to announce that Arduino raised an additional $22 million round, taking our Series B funding to $54 million, thanks to an expansion co-led by CDP Venture Capital and Anzu Partners. Joining them is semiconductor leader Arm, following up on earlier investments.

Want to know more about how the funds will be put to good use? A major chunk will be invested to further strengthen the R&D team based in Turin, Italy, with the goal to grow enterprise application libraries and the Arduino Cloud for Business with more integrations and embedded AI features. Another consistent part is earmarked to help Arduino grow even more in the US, where we recently opened an office in Austin, TX and bolstered our presence in Chicago, IL. Finally, we will use the additional funds to accelerate go-to-market initiatives and customer support in selected areas.

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