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Planning, programming, operation, analysis and optimization of your robot application – with just one software. With the robot software from ArtiMinds you don’t need expensive hardware or complicated code and the training of your employees is included. Program your robot easily via drag & drop, our ArtiMinds RPS software automatically generates native robot code. Force control, image processing and PLC communication – you can solve even the most demanding tasks with our software.

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Start-ups Powering New Era of Industrial Robotics

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✍️ Author: James Falkoff

🔖 Topics: robotics, automated guided vehicle, machine learning

🏭 Vertical: Machinery

🏢 Organizations: Ready Robotics, ArtiMinds, Realtime Robotics, RIOS, Vicarious

Much of the bottleneck to achieving automation in manufacturing relates to limitations in the current programming model of industrial robotics. Programming is done in languages proprietary to each robotic hardware OEM – languages “straight from the 80s” as one industry executive put it.

There are a limited number of specialists who are proficient in these languages. Given the rarity of the expertise involved, as well as the time it takes to program a robot, robotics application development typically costs three times as much as the hardware for a given installation.

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