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At Atlas Copco, or the Home of Industrial Ideas as we call ourselves, we never innovate just for the sake of it. Everything we do is spurred by real challenges. Our very committed teams spend a lot of time on investigating and deeply understanding the issues our customers are facing. This very hands-on approach to innovation helps us develop highly efficient and sustainable products that meet the needs of our customers, society and the world. After close to 150 years in the business, we know that this is the best way to remain an industry leader and stay profitable over time. To us, innovation is not just about developing new, cool things, but about contributing to a better future.

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Time to be smart when it comes to bolting

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✍️ Author: Calum Urquhart

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Bolted joint assemblies are a critical part of a wind turbine as they have a direct impact on the structural integrity and the performance of the turbines. Applications can be found in all parts of the turbine such as foundations, tower flanges, nacelle, blades and internal components where the bolted joint must be secured according to specific design specifications and must remain secure throughout the turbines life cycle, despite exposure to temperature fluctuations, routine maintenance and repairs, and constant forces being exerted through the movement of the turbine and effects of wind itself.

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