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Augmentus, a no-code AI robotics programming platform, allows companies to deploy complex industrial robots with high accuracy in a short time

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Industrial Automation for Spraying and Shot Peening

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Spraying and shot peening are processes used to increase the life span of metal parts in machinery. This procedure is commonly used in the aerospace and marine industry where metal structures need to cope with harsh environmental conditions. As companies try to maximise profits, industrial automation for spraying and shot peening that helps minimise repair costs have gained popularity.

The Augmentus Platform eliminates the need for coding and robot teaching even for complex surface treatment applications. Our technology allows users to accurately 3D scan parts and automatically generate optimized robot path planning. Therefore, companies are able to easily and rapidly deploy robots without the need for robotic experts, even in a high-mix production environment.

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This Startup's Software Programs Industrial Robots, Without Coding

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✍️ Author: Prachi Patel

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🏒 Organizations: Augmentus, IEEE

Singapore-based startup Augmentus, founded by IEEE Member Daryl Lim, Yong Shin Leong, and Chong Voon Foo, is trying to make automation more accessible with its intuitive robot-programming platform.

By making industrial robots easier to program, Lim says, the software can help businesses increase efficiency and reduce costsβ€”which would in turn help retain local manufacturing jobs.

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