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AUVESY and MDT Software join forces to create AUVESY-MDT

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Hg, a leading software and services investor, invested in both AUVESY and MDT Software earlier in 2021. Recognising the high quality and complementary solutions provided by both companies, AUVESY and MDT Software have come together, positioning the business as a global leader to support the industrial sector’s rapid digitalization. From today, AUVESY-MDT moves forward with a joint product roadmap and under one brand. AUVESY-MDT now serves more than 2,500 leading manufacturers across more than 50 countries. The companies’ Never Stand Still mission is to ensure that customers around the world experience less down time in their production.

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MDT Software and Acronis Partner to Create a Single Solution for Critical Automation Data and Devices

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MDT Software, a world leader in change management solutions for automated manufacturing assets, today announced the release of the AutoSave Image Backup module. This module validates, schedules, and provides revision control for image files, created by Acronis, for rapid disaster recovery. In combining the AutoSave and Acronis products, users can store their customizable PC data. With a common central repository of PC images, MDT AutoSave and Acronis can ensure that if a PC fails, the master image and other archived revisions of the hard drive data can be quickly retrieved.