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Barilla Achieves 80% Visibility into Ocean and Over-the-Road Shipments with FourKites

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Barilla, the world leader in pasta production, announced today that it has achieved 80% visibility into the entire lifecycle of its ocean and road shipments, thanks to leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites®. The end-to-end transparency offered by FourKites allows Barilla to see exactly where its goods are anywhere in the supply chain, as well as when they’ll arrive at their final destination. In the face of military conflict in the Red Sea, disruptive weather events and supply shortages, this comprehensive visibility is critical for Barilla to achieve a resilient supply chain that ensures products get to customers in the most efficient way and with the best service.

Ocean shipments are an important part of Barilla’s logistics operation and equal about 10% of its market. Barilla started its collaboration with FourKites by using the company’s OTR visibility and then expanded coverage to include visibility into all its ocean shipments.

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World's Largest Pasta Production Plant a Showcase for Integrated Robotics and Sustainable Distribution

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Barilla’s flagship pasta manufacturing plant in Parma, Italy boasts a 430,000 square foot distribution facility – fully automated, lights-out, 24/7/365 operation – equipped with120 laser-guided vehicles, 37 robotic systems including high-density AS/RS, palletizers, labelers and stretch wrappers, handling 320,000 tons of pasta annually. Designed, manufactured and installed by E80 Group, this distribution facility is not only an example of excellence in integrated robotics systems, but also a showpiece for energy and environmental efficiency.

To realize such an integrated-system and energy-efficient strategy at Barilla’s Parma distribution facility, E80 Group (E80) was selected to design, manufacture and install a solution. E80 is an Italian-based multinational leader specializing in creating automated solutions for companies that produce fast-moving consumer goods, particularly in the food, beverage and tissue sectors. It has been a leading manufacturer of integrated-robotics systems for distribution facilities for almost three decades, specifically laser-guided vehicles (LGVs), robotic palletizers and other end-of-line robotic systems. The company’s latest technology advances have made LGVs particularly attractive for sustainability and reduced energy usage.

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