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Primary Location Ahrensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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Basler is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality cameras and accessories for applications in factory automation, medicine, traffic and a variety of other markets. The Basler Group is home to approximately 800 employees at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, and at other locations in Europe, Asia and North America.Key factors in our 30-year success story include the courage to take risks, the willingness to see constant change as normal and the passion to pursue customer-oriented innovations. These strengths arise from our value-based corporate culture, which makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers, service providers and employees.

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Easily integrate Machine Vision into production with apps from the Industrial Edge Ecosystem

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🔖 Topics: Partnership, Machine Vision

🏢 Organizations: Siemens, Basler, MVTec

Quality control is critical in modern industry. Machine vision makes it less error-prone, time-consuming, and costly. By adding offerings from industry leaders Basler and MVTec to the Siemens Industrial Edge ecosystem, new scalable machine vision solutions can be efficiently and seamlessly integrated into production automation.

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Basler AG: Innovation Leaders

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AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision

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🔖 Topics: cloud computing, computer vision, machine learning, quality assurance

🏢 Organizations: AWS, Basler, Dafgards, General Electric

AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision, a new service that analyzes images using computer vision and sophisticated machine learning capabilities to spot product or process defects and anomalies in manufactured products. By employing a machine learning technique called “few-shot learning,” Amazon Lookout for Vision is able to train a model for a customer using as few as 30 baseline images. Customers can get started quickly using Amazon Lookout for Vision to detect manufacturing and production defects (e.g. cracks, dents, incorrect color, irregular shape, etc.) in their products and prevent those costly errors from progressing down the operational line and from ever reaching customers. Together with Amazon Lookout for Equipment, Amazon Monitron, and AWS Panorama, Amazon Lookout for Vision provides industrial and manufacturing customers with the most comprehensive suite of cloud-to-edge industrial machine learning services available. With Amazon Lookout for Vision, there is no up-front commitment or minimum fee, and customers pay by the hour for their actual usage to train the model and detect anomalies or defects using the service.

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