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Our mission is to create automated solutions with human-like powers of reasoning that amplify the talents and capabilities of people. We specialize in complex challenges in extreme environments. Human beings haven’t done many things more difficult than landing spacecraft on a planet 150 million miles away. It takes extreme trust in the AI to drive autonomous decision-making beyond the reach of human experts. We recognize that many companies on earth have similar needs for mission-critical systems with acute situational awareness in real-time, predictive analytics, domain expertise at the edge, and instantaneous human-like reasoning to make informed decisions and take meaningful action. This is why Beyond Limits was created.

Assembly Line

Getting Industrial About The Hybrid Computing And AI Revolution

πŸ“… Date:

✍️ Author: Jeffrey Burt

πŸ”– Topics: IIoT, machine learning, reinforcement learning

🏭 Vertical: Petroleum and Coal

🏒 Organizations: Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is applying such techniques as deep reinforcement learning (DRL), using a framework to train a reinforcement learning agent to make optimal sequential recommendations for placing wells. It also uses reservoir simulations and novel deep convolutional neural networks to work. The agent takes in the data and learns from the various iterations of the simulator, allowing it to reduce the number of possible combinations of moves after each decision is made. By remembering what it learned from the previous iterations, the system can more quickly whittle the choices down to the one best answer.

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