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Syensqo invests in Bioeutectics, a start-up producing green solvents

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🏢 Organizations: Bioeutectics, Syensqo, Fen Ventures, Atento Capital

Syensqo Ventures, the group’s venture capital fund, participated in the $2.1 million financing round for Bioeutectics, alongside Fen Ventures, Atento Capital and SOSV (IndieBio). Founded in 2019, Bioeutectics provides natural and high-performance solvents that make industrial products and processes more sustainable. This new investment strengthens the existing partnership between Syensqo Ventures and the Genesis Consortium, supporting startups in the SOSV’s IndieBio startup development program, the top early stage biotech incubator.

Syensqo, through its Renewable Materials and Biotechnology growth platform, is driven by a strong commitment to develop more sustainable solutions in the food, agro, industrial and biopharma sectors.

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