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The very foundations of our world are changing. Bosch is helping smooth the path toward this transformation with innovations created by people for people. Tomorrow’s energy supply, smart kitchen appliances, highly effective rapid PCR tests for coronavirus, a digital emergency call system for e-bike riders — at Bosch, all this and more is what we mean when we say “Invented for life.”

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Bosch’s new partnership aims to explore quantum digital twins


Topics: Quantum Computing, Simulation

Organizations: Bosch, Multiverse Computing

Industrial giant Bosch has partnered with Multiverse Computing, a Spanish quantum software platform, to integrate quantum algorithms into digital twin simulation workflows. Bosch already has an extensive industrial simulation practice that provides insights across various business units. This new collaboration will explore ways quantum-inspired algorithms and computers could help scale these simulations more efficiently.

One of the most promising use cases for the new quantum algorithms is creating better machine learning models more quickly. Hernández Caballer said quantum computing shows tremendous promise in use cases with many combinations of parameters and materials. This early research could give Bosch a leg up in taking advantage of these new systems to improve machine learning and simulation.

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Using Machine Learning in Bosch IoT Insights

MIRAI Case: Micropsi Industries Automates Leak Testing with Intelligent Complete solution

Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing


Author: Çağlayan Arkan

Topics: digital twin, cloud computing, wearable technology

Organizations: Microsoft, Kennametal, Lexmark, Sandvik Coromant, Bosch, Honeywell

What makes the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing unique is our commitment to industry-specific standards and communities, such as the Open Manufacturing Platform, the OPC Foundation, and the Digital Twins Consortium, as well as the co-innovation with our rich ecosystem of partners.

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The Three Axes of Micromobility: Supply Chains, Distribution, and Maintenance


Author: Puneeth Meruva

Organizations: Bafang, Bosch, CoModule, Particle, Omni, Shimano, Valeo, VanMoof, Giant, Specialized, Xiaomi, TREK, Cannondale

In this report, we contend that micromobility, its challenges, and its opportunities can be broken down along three core axes: supply chains and manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance and aftersales. Our thesis is that value accrues to the one that vertically integrates along these three axes.

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