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Dynamic state and parameter estimation in multi-machine power systems—Experimental demonstration using real-world PMU-measurements

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✍️ Authors: Nicolai Lorenz-Meyer, René Suchantke, Johannes Schiffer

🏭 Vertical: Electrical Equipment

🏢 Organizations: Brandenburg University of Technology, Fraunhofer IEG

Dynamic state and parameter estimation (DSE) plays a key role for reliably monitoring and operating future, power-electronics-dominated power systems. While DSE is a very active research field, experimental applications of proposed algorithms to real-world systems remain scarce. This motivates the present paper, in which we demonstrate the effectiveness of a DSE algorithm previously presented by parts of the authors with real-world data collected by a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) at a substation close to a power plant within the extra-high voltage grid of Germany. To this end, at first we derive a suitable mapping of the real-world PMU-measurements recorded at a substation close to the power plant to the terminal bus of the power plants’ synchronous generator. This mapping considers the high-voltage transmission line, the tap-changing transformer and the auxiliary system of the power plant. Next, we introduce several practically motivated extensions to the estimation algorithm, which significantly improve its practical performance with real-world measurements. Finally, we successfully validate the algorithm experimentally in an auto- as well as a cross-validation.

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