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ETH spin-offs develop high-performance batteries

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✍️ Author: Deborah Kyburz

πŸ”– Topics: Multilayer Curtain Coating

🏒 Organizations: BTRY, 8inks, ETH Zurich

Moritz Futscher and Abdessalem Aribia, the two founders of BTRY, have therefore developed a solid-state battery that consists of thin layers, which can shorten the charging time many times over. The two researchers entirely forego liquids both during the manufacturing process and for the components of their battery. The solid-state batteries that are currently being developed by BTRY have the major advantage of being very resistant to temperature fluctuations. They can therefore be used both at very high temperatures, such as in sensors that detect vapour leaks, and at very low temperatures, for example during the transportation of medicines.

ETH spin-off 8inks stands out from other battery manufacturers with its innovative production technology. It aims to use this to replace the manufacturing standard for lithium-ion batteries that has remained largely unchanged for the last 30 years – the so-called slot die technique. Paul Baade, founder of 8inks, has developed a technique called β€œmultilayer curtain coating”. By applying several thin coats of the active material in which the lithium-ion is stored, the coating technique can be tailored to the applicable requirements. Owing to the variety in terms of the thickness and material properties of the individual layers, the technique supports, among other things, the scaling of solid-state batteries. Another advantage of the technique is that the coating speed of the battery electrodes can be vastly accelerated and is therefore optimally suited to meet the rising demand.

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