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Smartex sews up $24.7M to put smarter eyes on textile manufacturing

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✍️ Authors: Haje Jan Kamps,

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🏒 Organizations: Smartex, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Build Collective

Smartex has developed machine-vision-driven software that makes fabric production more efficient by identifying defects, which primarily can be used to stop manufacturing if something is going wrong, preventing waste. In particular, the company argues that imperfect fabric can travel down the supply chain, with product issues only getting discovered much later in the manufacturing process.

These Series A funds will enable Smartex to expand the business to new geographies and to continue to grow the team. β€œI’m so excited about textile production in Asia and all the mega-factories in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, etc. No one will ever solve textile problems without having a deep understanding and presence in these markets. So, going into all the cultural aspects and making businesses here is really awesome,” said Loureiro. β€œOur ultimate vision and long-term goal is to expand into other industries to enable factories around the world to produce with significantly less waste. We won’t stop until we have made a massive difference.”

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