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BYD (Build Your Dreams) is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and batteries, and the global leader in battery-electric buses—with more than 80,000 buses sold in 200 cities, 50 countries, and on six continents. Since its establishment in 1995, BYD has grown from a startup with 20 employees to an international, high-tech leader with 300,000 employees worldwide. The Official Sponsor of Mother Nature™, BYD is revolutionizing zero-emission transportation and creating a cleaner environment. In addition to zero-emission buses, BYD is an industry leader in electric automobiles, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, forklifts, SkyRail (monorail), energy storage, and solar power generation.

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BYD Launches Hybrids With 1,300-Mile Driving Range

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✍️ Author: Jiahui Huang

🏢 Organizations: BYD

Chinese automaker BYD is rolling out cars capable of driving more than 1,300 miles without refueling or recharging, its latest effort to set itself apart from rivals in the world’s largest auto market.

The world’s biggest maker of electric vehicles has launched two plug-in hybrid sedans with upgraded powertrains that it said give both a driving range of more than 2,100 kilometers, or more than 1,306 miles, on a full tank and full battery. That’s roughly the distance between New York City and Miami – a drive along I-95 that can take 19 hours.

The new powertrains are BYD’s fifth iteration since it launched its first plug-in hybrid model in 2008. The new versions cut fuel consumption to 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers, down from 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers in the previous version three years ago.

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BYD Revolutionizes Battery Production Line with ForwardX Robotics' AMR Solutions

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🔖 Topics: Partnership, Automated Mobile Robot

🏭 Vertical: Automotive

🏢 Organizations: BYD, ForwardX Robotics

BYD, renowned for its electric vehicle and sustainable technology innovations, embarks on a transformative collaboration with ForwardX Robotics, a global leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This partnership has introduced groundbreaking automation solutions into BYD’s advanced battery production line, signaling a shift towards enhanced efficiency and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Responding to the escalating demand for electric vehicle batteries, BYD has revolutionized its production approach by integrating ForwardX Robotics’ AMRs and custom autonomous forklifts. This strategic move veers from labor-intensive methods, which are costly and inadequate for meeting rapid industry growth. At BYD’s facility, nine units of ForwardX Robotics’ Max 1500-L Slim AMRs and six units of Apex 2000 Autonomous forklifts with 2.4-meter fork lengths operate across a vast area of 15,000 to 16,000 square meters. These AMRs and forklifts collaborate seamlessly to optimize material transport and streamline production workflows.

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Why BYD is breaking into shipping

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✍️ Author: Zeyi Yang

🏢 Organizations: BYD

BYD, the Chinese electric-vehicle maker, has been particularly good at expanding into different, related businesses. Not only can it make high-performing and safe batteries for cars, but it also does almost everything in house, from designing car chips to mining lithium and other materials. The fact that it has subsidiaries in every step of the EV supply chain enables the company to keep its costs down and sell cars at more competitive prices.

Now, to pull that off once again, BYD is starting a sea freight business. As I just wrote in a story published today, the company is assembling a fleet of at least eight car-carrier ships that will transport BYD cars from factories in China to sell in Europe, South America, and other markets.

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How China's BYD went from bargain battery maker to Tesla's biggest rival

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✍️ Author: Cissy Zhou

🏭 Vertical: Automotive

🏢 Organizations: BYD

Outside China, the world’s largest EV market where it is the undisputed champion, in several months this year, BYD claimed the throne of bestselling EV in Thailand, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel and Brazil.

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Chinese carmaker BYD to buy US firm Jabil's mobility business for $2.2 bln

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✍️ Authors: Sameer Manekar, Yelin Mo

🔖 Topics: Acquisition

🏢 Organizations: BYD, Jabil

Chinese automaker BYD (002594.SZ) said on Monday its electronics unit has struck a deal with U.S.-based manufacturer Jabil Inc (JBL.N) to buy its mobile electronics manufacturing business in China for 15.8 billion yuan ($2.2 billion). The deal will expand BYD Electronic’s (BE) (0285.HK) customer base, product portfolio and its smartphone components business as it looks to capture Jabil’s potential growth in the sector.

Singapore-based Jabil Circuit, which manufactures printed circuit boards, established a unit this month that absorbed its product-manufacturing businesses in Chengdu and Wuxi, which will now be sold to the Chinese group.

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BYD and Huawei build smart factories together

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: BYD, Huawei

BYD has chosen Huawei to help it build a 10Gbps network based on Huawei’s High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus solution. This network features ultra-fast access, superb experience, simplified architecture, and simplified O&M.

In production scenarios, an increasing number of BYD’s R&D and production systems rely on high-bandwidth networks. For example, R&D simulation generates huge HD rendering workloads, which requires transmission of huge volumes of data between cloud servers and local terminals. In addition, simulation and rendering synchronization raises requirements for low network latency.

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