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Canvass AI Unveils Real-Time Closed-Loop Optimization Using Prescriptive Analytics for Industrial Processes

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🔖 Topics: Manufacturing Analytics, Autonomous Production

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Canvass AI announced availability of its real-time closed-loop optimization solution for process and sub-process level production. This capability allows operators and engineers to automate production processes across multiple industries and a wide range of manufacturing processes such as fermentation, distillation, co-generation power and much more.

The Canvass AI closed-loop optimization solution comprises of predefined data mapping, learning models, configuration files, AI workflows, and a setpoint optimizer. Using this framework engineers and operators can confidently apply virtual control to physical processes allowing them to constantly adapt to changing production conditions. Canvass AI’s solution overlays legacy OT investments such as APC and DCS to optimize process performance closer to the operating specification limits to maximize quality and output.

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