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Our team of 155,000 professionals in 70 countries draws together the worlds of food, agriculture, nutrition and risk management. For more than 155 years, we have helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets. We are continuously developing products that give consumers just what theyโ€™re seeking, advancing nutrition, food safety and sustainability. And we help all of our partners innovate and manage risk, so they can nourish the world again tomorrow.

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Bushelยฎ Secures $26 Million to Accelerate Digitization in Agriculture

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๐Ÿข Organizations: Bushel, The Banc Funds Company, Cargill

Bushel, the leading digital platform connecting farmers and agribusinesses, successfully closed an oversubscribed $26 million funding round led by The Banc Funds Company with further support from new and existing investors. In addition to The Banc Funds Company, other investors in this round included 50 South Capital, The Andersons, Inc., Cargill, Germin8, Lewis & Clark AgriFood, The Scoular Company, and Conti Ventures (an investment group within Continental Grain Company).

This investment will support Bushelโ€™s continued development of software products and features that create value for farmers, grain buyers, ag retailers, protein producers, and food companies.

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Cargill and H2 Green Steel sign multi-year offtake contract to supply near zero-emission steel

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๐Ÿ”– Topics: Partnership

๐Ÿข Organizations: H2 Green Steel, Cargill

Cargill (Cargill Metals) has entered into a multi-year agreement with Swedish industrial startup H2 Green Steel for the supply of green steel. The agreement aims to accelerate global ferrous supply chain decarbonization. Cargill Metals connects different parts of the ferrous supply chain, from iron ore mining to steel mills around the world. The company is committed to delivering on its sustainability goals through a variety of initiatives, including partnerships that develop cleaner products with lower CO2-footprint. The agreement with H2 Green Steel is an example of such a partnership where Cargill will help its customers meet sustainability and climate goals with a sustainable and responsible supply of products.

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Cargill and Element Analytics

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๐Ÿข Organizations: Cargill, Element Analytics

Leveraging the Unify platform, Cargill has been able to build and configure trusted, high quality data twins to support KPIs and advanced analytics at scale. The first 40 plants modeled in Unify consisted of 1,049 data sets used in building 311 pipelines, to which 5,109 asset templates were mapped, resulting in over 45 million connected data records.

The Smart Manufacturing team knew that making KPIs based on normalized data visible to operators would lead to 3% to 5% gains in productivity helping each plant identify opportunities to build operating gains.

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Series C Funding Brings the UPSIDE of Meat One (Giant) Step Closer

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๐Ÿข Organizations: Upside Foods, Temasek, Cargill, Givaudan, Tyson Foods

Our $400 million Series C is the largest round of investment to date in the cultivated meat industry and will help us drive product innovation, partnerships, and the infrastructure needed to make cultivated meat at scale. With this round of funding, we will continue our industry leadership and commercialization push โ€“ including building a new commercial facility that will target making tens of millions of pounds of UPSIDE meat every year!

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