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TXOne Networks Secures Semiconductor Manufacturing OT With CASwell Network Security Appliances

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🔖 Topics: Semiconductor

🏢 Organizations: TXOne Networks, CASwell, Intel

Protecting against OT cyber-attacks can be costly and challenging, especially for industries like semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Traditional IT tools come up short due to the heterogenous compute nature of an OT environment. Complex environments such as semiconductor fabs have a much larger attack surfaces making it even more difficult to provide effective cybersecurity protection.

TXOne Networks has tackled this challenge with a network-based defense system that features IPS, antivirus, virtual patching and other security and management functionality designed to protect the OT environment and to allow security managers to have visibility into the system. Powered by CASwell network security appliances based on Intel processors with network security performance and features, the systems offer the features and throughput to ensure proper security screening at wire speeds.

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