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CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.

Assembly Line

🔋 High-Tech Tools Ensure Quality at Battery Manufacturer

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✍️ Author: John Sprovieri

🔖 Topics: Connected Worker

🏢 Organizations: CATL, Desoutter

CATL’s emphasis on state-of-the-art technology extends even to the fastening tools on its assembly lines. From a fastening standpoint, EV batteries pose several challenges. One is high-mix production. Tools must be able to quickly switch between assembly lines. Tools must accommodate a relatively large torque range and be adaptable to diverse tightening requirements.

Desoutter has worked with CATL from the early stages of its development, helping the company to establish robust tightening standards and improve existing tightening processes. Desoutter supplied CATL with a variety of fastening technologies, including the CONNECT platform, Nexonar positioning system, ERS electric screwdrivers, CVI3 controller, and automatic screw feeders.

Desoutter’s Nexonar 3D spatial positioning system uses infrared sensors to accurately monitor and locate fastening tools or the position of an operator’s hands in critical assembly processes to within 1 millimeter. Nexonar ensures that all screws are tightened in the right place, in the intended sequence, and with the appropriate parameters. The system can be retrofit to existing tools. It is able to detect pitch, roll and yaw of the tool. Several hundred trackers can be monitored simultaneously in real-time and with no latency. It can also be used to ensure as accurate part picking, placement and fulfillment in kitting operations.

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Gigaprofits: 'batteries not included'

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🏭 Vertical: Electrical Equipment

🏢 Organizations: CATL, LG Energy Solutions, Samsung SDI

The majority of cell manufacturers have a net profit margin in the 2-3% range. Pureplay gigafactories CATL, EVE, and Samsung SDI have higher margins in the 8-10% region. Companies tend to trade profit margins for revenue on an individual basis, (for example Sunwoda, BYD, Gotion), perhaps reflecting the price competitiveness between these large high-tier cell producers.

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Battery production: Dürr provides CATL with innovative technology for electrode production

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Durr, CATL

The Dürr Group continues its expansion in the new business field of battery production. The mechanical and plant engineering firm is delivering an innovative technology for the sustainable manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. This will be used in CATL’s plant that is currently being built in Arnstadt, situated in the German state of Thuringia. CATL highly focuses on resource reusability and sustainability. The order placed in early 2022 comprises several systems based on an eco-friendly process for solvent recovery in production. This prevents tens of thousands of tons of CO2 from being generated every year and enables the solvent to be reused multiple times. The CATL plant in Thuringia is the Chinese world market leader’s first production site in Europe. In the wake of electromobility, production capacities for lithium-ion batteries in Europe are expected to increase significantly over the coming years.

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Chinese Battery Giant CATL Raises $6.7 Billion in Share Sale

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CATL raised about 45 billion yuan, equivalent to $6.71 billion, in a heavily oversubscribed deal, it said in a filing late Wednesday. CATL, which is based in Ningde, a city in the southeastern province of Fujian, said it would use some of the proceeds to boost production at several locations in China.

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How China's CATL Makes an EV Battery

Battery Manufacturing Basics from CATL’s Cell Production Line (Part 1)

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✍️ Authors: Qianran He, Yen T. Yeh

🏢 Organizations: CATL

Equipment plays a critical role in determining the performance and cost of lithium-ion batteries. Mirroring the three manufacturing stages, equipment can be divided into three categories as well: the 1st stage equipment (Mixer, Coater, Roller Press, Splitting Machine, Filming Machine, Die-cutting Machine, etc.), the 2nd stage equipment (Winding/lamination machine, electrolyte injection machine, packaging equipment), and the 3rd stage equipment (Charging and discharging machines, testing equipment, etc.). The capital cost for each of these three stages represents approximately 40%, 30%, 30% of the cost of the production line.

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CATL Automation Production Line