Assembly Line

Artificial intelligence for stable processes in industry

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🔖 Topics: Machine Vision

🏢 Organizations: Cerrion

Cerrion’s solution can be used in any manufacturing process where the process is visible. What makes it special is the combination of video technology, which can be integrated directly into existing processes, and state-of-the-art AI. This way it is possible to monitor new processes immediately without having to first import a lot of data into the system, as is often the case with conventional solutions. The AI-based computer vision technology learns what a process looks like in normal operation and can detect deviations in real time.

The AI-based software can be connected to a commercially available camera and instantly provides reliable process insights. The system helps to detect problems in the process at an early stage, i.e. before they arise and lead to failures or losses. The technology can be used for a wide range of applications. Cerrion has already gained experience in glass bottle production, plant and machine manufacturing, tool manufacturing, pharmaceutical packaging, and wood construction. The AI can detect and track problems in automated processes such as jams on the production line in real time. It can also analyse whether the assigned time for the manual assembly of a component is in line with planning or whether the defined process needs to be optimised. Hazards for employees and equipment can also be detected and eliminated at an early stage. This leads to more safety in operations.

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