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CheckSammy secures $45M Strategic Investment to Expand Waste Diversion from Landfills

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CheckSammy, the world’s largest bulk waste and sustainability operator, announced a $45 million strategic investment that will enhance the company’s ability to deliver transparent, measurable waste diversion and carbon reduction benefits to companies.

The growth equity round is led by I Squared Capital, with Zero Infinity Partners participating. In addition, CheckSammy has entered into a growth capital and revolving credit facility with TriplePoint Capital, LLC. This is Zero Infinity Partners’ second investment in CheckSammy, reaffirming their belief in the company’s mission and commercial success. Ross Berger from I Squared Capital and John Kwaak from Zero Infinity Partners will join CheckSammy’s Board of Directors as part of the funding agreement.

CheckSammy provides on-demand, same-day bulk waste removal and bespoke sustainability services, with revenue growing 40x since first commercializing in 2020. The company operates a two-sided marketplace, connecting independent waste haulers and service providers with enterprise customers. The marketplace model enables seamless national contracting and best-in-class service coverage across North America, at a highly competitive price point, delivering meaningful value to end customers. The funding will allow the first-of-its-kind circular waste management service provider to improve its ability to help companies achieve and verify their waste diversion goals.

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