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Cin7 Acquires AI Forecasting Company Inventoro

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Cin7, the industry-leading inventory and order management software provider, announced the acquisition of Inventoro, a leading provider of AI-driven sales forecasting and replenishment optimization solutions. The acquisition and integration of Inventoro’s capabilities with Cin7’s platform will extend product seller’s access to state-of-the-art AI technology, enabling customers to enhance existing inventory and order management capabilities with intelligent prediction and optimization.

Powered by a proprietary AI engine, sellers can forecast demand with unmatched accuracy months in advance, maintaining optimal stock levels and eliminating overages. This allows sellers to make fast, impactful decisions – enabling both short and long term forecasting that translates insight into action. Not only does this help achieve over 99% product availability, it also frees up to 20% of inventory capital and saves valuable time through automated, streamlined operations.

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