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We help companies drive innovation and unlock efficiencies by digitizing and automating manufacturing operations. We are a team of industry experts and technologists with SaaS, factory data, manufacturing, operations, and supply chain experience to bring products to market and drive growth through efficiency.

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Is Clip A ‘Slack’ For Factories?

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✍️ Author: Marco Annunziata

🔖 Topics: digital transformation, IIoT, manufacturing analytics

🏢 Organizations: Clip Automation

Clip aims to bring data gathering and analytics, information sharing, and collaboration onto a single platform. The system connects all intelligent industrial equipment in a production facility, together with workers who can access all information and adjust operations through computers and portable devices.

It’s an ambitious undertaking, one that requires guaranteeing a very high degree of interoperability to ensure that people, machines and processes can communicate with each other seamlessly, and that all key systems such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and others can directly access up-to-date information from machines and processes. This higher level of automation, if implemented right, can unlock a new level of efficiency for manufacturing companies.

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