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Coatue Management LLC is a global investment manager focused on public and private companies in the technology, media and telecommunications industries.

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Battery Analytics Platform TWAICE Announces $30 Million Funding Led by Coatue

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🏢 Organizations: TWAICE, Coatue

TWAICE, a battery analytics company that helps customers in mobility and energy grow safely and sustainably by enhancing the transparency and predictability of batteries, today revealed that it has secured $30 million in additional Series B financing led by global investment firm Coatue. The round extension, which includes personal investment from Lip-Bu Tan and participation from existing investors, builds on TWAICE’s $26 million Series B in May 2021 led by Energize Ventures. The funds will be used to further optimize TWAICE’s cloud analytics platform and expand its presence in Europe and North America, including growing its new Chicago-based office.

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$100M to decarbonize corporate and financial organizations

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🏢 Organizations: SWEEP, Coatue

We’re announcing our $73M Series B, bringing our total funding to $100M. But forget the numbers – it’s about who we’re building Sweep with. From the start, my cofounders and I agreed to surround ourselves with the best minds. That’s true for our brilliant team of Sweepers and the choice of investors. Led by global investment firm Coatue, this new round saw the participation of iPod and iPhone inventor Tony Fadell and all our existing investors. It’s a true privilege to build our carbon management platform with the support of respected tech figures in the US and Europe.

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Sierra Space Secures Record $1.4 Billion Series A Growth Investment and Achieves $4.5 Billion Valuation

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🏢 Organizations: Sierra Space, General Atlantic, Coatue

Sierra Space aims to build the future of space transportation, commercial space destinations and infrastructure, and enabling technologies that will help to build a vibrant, growing commercial space economy. As the LEO economy reaches a critical inflection point – driven by the convergence of the increasing commercialization of space, renewed public interest and defense considerations – Sierra Space is developing foundational infrastructure to support this growing ecosystem. By opening up affordable access to space, Sierra Space hopes to enable existing businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and governments to create exciting breakthroughs that can empower humanity to begin new civilizations in space and benefit life on Earth.

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