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The world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation. Cognex vision helps companies improve product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs, and exceed consumer expectations for high quality products at an affordable price. Typical applications for machine vision include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.

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How Schaeffler Amplifies Electric Vehicle Production with Cognex Machine Vision

AI-powered 3D inspection system for factory automation - In-Sight L38 Series from Cognex

Cognex Launches the World's First 3D Vision System with AI

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🏢 Organizations: Cognex

Cognex Corporation released the In-Sight® L38 3D Vision System, which combines AI, 2D, and 3D vision technologies to solve a range of inspection and measurement applications. The system creates unique projection images that combine 3D information into an easy-to-label 2D image for simplified training and reveals features not visible with traditional 2D imaging. AI tools detect variable or undefined features, while rule-based algorithms provide 3D measurements to deliver reliable inspection results.

The In-Sight L38 greatly simplifies the process of configuring 3D systems thanks to embedded AI technology that uses pre-trained models with domain-specific data. Example-based training replaces complex programming steps, which previously required combining many traditional rule-based tools, to streamline application development. The unique AI-powered 3D tools can be set up in minutes, requiring as few as 5 to 10 labeled images to automate a task. With one tool, users can detect challenging defects, gauge variances in three dimensions, and get results in real-world units.

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Launch of Smart Manufacturing Cell Transforms Rochester Operations

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🔖 Topics: Manufacturing Analytics

🏢 Organizations: L3Harris, LightGuide, Mountz, Cognex

L3Harris is driving toward fully controlled and paced production of tactical radios with the launch of its first Smart Manufacturing Cell in its Rochester, New York, facilities, which streamlines assembly processes so the company can continue to meet customer demands and delivery schedules for critical communication devices.

The answer to the company’s current and future needs was the implementation of Smart Manufacturing Cell production. SMC is an Industry 4.0-level assembly process where control technologies, such as LightGuide augmented reality, Mountz precision torque drivers and Cognex® machine vision inspection, are integrated into one common platform by WorkSmart Systems. This capability delivers a line-agnostic station where different products with the same process can be built without requiring device-specific configurations when switching between production lines. Further, the system itself collects data including who worked on a specific unit and at what time for troubleshooting and root-cause analysis of potential defects found later in internal testing.

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How OSARO used Cognex to solve a tricky barcode reading challenge for Zenni Optical

Cognex Brings Scanning Expertise to OSARO Partners Alliance

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🏢 Organizations: Cognex, OSARO

OSARO®, a global leader in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, has welcomed Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), the leader in industrial machine vision, into the OSARO Partners Alliance, an ecosystem of expertise aimed at delivering optimal automation solutions to customers. By integrating Cognex DataMan fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers into the OSARO Robotic Bagging System, OSARO solved a difficult technical challenge for Zenni Optical.

The system demonstrated compelling ROI for one of the world’s top eyeglass retailers by solving an ongoing challenge. Zenni’s signature translucent blue eyeglass cases had stymied scanners from several OEMs that were unable to read barcodes through the plastic cases. OSARO vetted several suppliers before selecting Cognex DataMan readers, which achieved 99% accuracy and read rates, while increasing throughput by 80%.

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Cobots Install Cable Ties

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✍️ Author: Ciro A Rodriguez

🔖 Topics: Cobot, Worker Safety

🏢 Organizations: Universal Robots, OnRobot, Cognex

The cobot program for installing the cable ties was designed in Polyscope, Universal’s programming software. The program works for two different harness assembly boards.

Finally, we did an ergonomic analysis of the new cable tie installation process using RULA and JSI. After measuring the angles of various body parts, the values of Groups A and B were calculated according to RULA. The value for Group A was 3, and the value for Group B was 4, resulting in a final score of 4. This score is significantly lower than the original manual operation. Similarly, the JSI for the automated station was 4.5, which is lower than the risk level for the manual operation. Our project clearly shows that cable tie installation task could be automated, improving ergonomics.

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