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Cosmo Tech provides a 360° Simulation Digital Twin platform to solve the most complex industrial problems and lead enterprise decision making. Industrial companies rely on Cosmo Tech to predict the evolution of their organization to better understand the impact of their decisions and optimize all levels of enterprise planning; ensuring a future that is robust, resilient and sustainable.

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2024 Cosmo Tech GenAI & Simulation Product Demonstration

Michelin North America, Inc. Selects Cosmo Tech for Supply Chain Simulation

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Michelin, Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech announces it has been selected by Michelin North America, Inc. to help improve its supply chain simulation and optimize operations. The overall aim of bringing onboard Cosmo Tech’s solution is to help supply chain and marketing managers anticipate the impact of variable demand and predict the future state of Michelin’s complex supply chain, with the objective of improving supply chain agility and efficiency.

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The Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan from Cosmo Tech is now Available on the SAP® Store

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Cosmo Tech, SAP, Accenture

Cosmo Tech announced that its Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan is now available on the SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. This AI-Simulation add-on integrates with SAP Integrated Business Planning software and delivers supply chain resilience at all levels of planning to customers.

Cosmo Tech is teaming with Accenture, its preferred global systems integrator, to bring the Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan to SAP Integrated Business Planning customers globally for improved supply chain resilience.

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Cosmo Tech collaborates with Microsoft to drive strategic sustainability outcomes with Simulation Digital Twins

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🔖 Topics: Digital Twin

🏢 Organizations: Cosmo Tech, Microsoft

Cosmo Tech is collaborating with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Azure Digital Twins capabilities with the addition of its strategic 360° Simulation Digital Twin technology. The combined technologies enable Microsoft’s enterprise customers to monitor systems in near real-time and to simulate the evolution of complex organization in uncertain environments over time. This will allow strategic optimizations at all levels of enterprise planning, decision making and financial functions; enabling outcomes that are robust, resilient, and sustainable.

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Accenture x Cosmo Tech: Demo Real-time & optimized decision making

Industrial dataOps capabilities to truly scale Simulation Digital Twins

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✍️ Author: Alexander Gleim

🔖 Topics: Digital Twin, Simulation

🏢 Organizations: Microsoft, Cosmo Tech, Cognite

For some time, the notion of digital twins has been ubiquitous in exemplifying the potential of digital technology for heavy-asset industries. With a digital representation of a real-world system of assets or processes, we can apply simulation and optimization techniques to deliver prescriptive decision support to end-users.

Simulation Digital Twins help industries to make decisions in an increasingly complex & uncertain environment, to balance competing constraints (revenue, cost, efficiency, resiliency, carbon footprint, ++), and to react quickly and adapt with agility to real-world changes.

In this article we are describing solutions that combine the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, Cognite Data Fusion and Cosmotech Simulation Digital Twins. In an integrated solution, Azure Digital Twins provides a digital twin model that reflects real time state from sensors and other real time source and orchestrates event processing. Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) delivers integration of schemas and metadata from IT, OT and ET data sources, including the generation of models and twin graphs for Azure Digital Twins. The Cosmotech Simulation Digital Twin platform adds deep simulation capabilities in a scalable, open framework.

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