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The Circular Economy vs. Industrial Automation

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🔖 Topics: Circular Economy

🏢 Organizations: Novotek, ACTronics, CRS Holland

The Circular Economy is quickly permeating throughout the way consumers/end users think about manufacturing. Beyond end-of-life solutions, the circular economy at its heart is demonstrating the power of tapping into waste resources to create value, and new ‘product-as-a-service’ business models are highlighting the poer of new consumer demands.

Front-running companies are already pursuing circular strategies and successfully developing new, circular markets. This includes start-ups such as ACTronics, which remanufacturers automotive electronic equipment and CRS Holland, which recovers and recycles marine cable. It is becoming increasingly apparent that to remain competitive in the globl market and create a future-proof business, circular economy business strategies must be adopted.

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