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At Dahlstrom Roll Form, we believe in manufacturing components as an integrated member of your supply system. By understanding the parts we fabricate are truly “components,” we reinforce daily that our involvement is interdependent with a host of business functions you expect from a true supply partner. When it comes to supplying OEM components, Dahlstrom® leads the industry. We’re one of the oldest roll forming companies with over 100 years of experience. Our combination of roll form engineering and LEAN factory processes assure success. Our quality system metrics are equal to world class companies 10x larger. We offer a standard service package that guarantees we will understand your business needs as well as you do.

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Your Company’s Heat Pump Parts Should Be Roll Formed -- Here's Why

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Heat pumps address more than 70% of the heating needs in the building sector, and financial incentives in over 30 countries globally have driven their sales. Most of these were strengthened or launched in 2022, with the United States increasing subsidy levels this year to facilitate long-term heat pump adoption.

Roll forming is well-known for its efficiency and effectiveness at producing complex profiles with intricate bending and a wide range of cross-sections cut to any length.

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The Anatomy of a Roll Forming Line: Complete Process from Coil to Crate

The Anatomy of a Roll Forming Line: Complete Process from Coil to Crate