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HBIS is producing DRI by using more than 60% of hydrogen

📅 Date:

🏭 Vertical: Primary Metal

🏢 Organizations: HBIS, Tenova, Danieli

Chinese HBZX High Tech, part of Hebei Iron & Steel Group – HBIS, is the first worldwide steelmaker producing DRI using more than 60% Hydrogen in the feed gas mix, on industrial basis. This happened at the HBZX plant, in Xuan Hua, Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, where a new, 600,000 tpy, Zero Reformer, ENERGIRON® direct reduction plant has been supplied and achieved continuous, stable, and safely production with outstanding quality.

This is an outstanding achievement, since the plant is the first hydrogen-enriched gas-powered DRI industrial production facility in the world and represents a significant accomplishment for the Chinese steel industry, being also the first green gas-based DRI plant in the country, paving the way to the transition from the carbon-based BF route to gas-based DRI technology and electric steelmaking.

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