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Danfoss completes acquisition of ENFOR’s district energy efficiency software

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Danfoss has acquired ENFOR’s district energy software and will bring the solutions to the global market under the Danfoss Leanheat® suite of sustainable heating and cooling solutions. The Danfoss Leanheat® solution combines cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency of district energy and buildings. Danfoss had been a minority shareholder in ENFOR since 2020. By fully acquiring ENFOR’s district heating software business, Danfoss enhances the capabilities and accuracy of its Leanheat network suite for district energy utilities to include data-driven temperature optimization, intelligent load forecasting and micro weather forecasting, which support district energy utilities and energy companies with their green transitions.

ENFOR is an innovative spin-off from the Danish Technical University and delivers solutions for forecasting and optimization of energy production and demand, incl. optimization of district energy systems. The potential of using data and machine learning in the energy sector is massive. The latest Danfoss Impact White Paper reveals that an ambitious but realistic roll out of demand-side flexibility technology in the EU and UK can save 40 million tons of CO2 emissions each year by 2030, more than Denmark’s domestic climate footprint.

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